//Chapter 1

The first thing I noticed was the wind, it lashed at me with incredible force. A sudden burst of fear jolted through me as my body realized what was happening and I panicked momentarily. This feeling was replaced by another one, one i had not felt in a long time: absolute freedom. I had delivered my existence in the hands of fate, an inevitable one, a thought that gave me peace of mind. And so I started enjoying my flight, the white noice echoing off the grey metropolis I used to call my home lulled me into a deep sense of relaxation and I closed my eyes, finally at peace.

“There was nothing to do now, the deed was done and the end was nigh, so why worry?”

After a while, I arose from my rest, something was amiss. I groggily opened my eyes, slightly irritated that it was taking so long, for I had the strange sensation that the wind had stopped, aswell as the cacophony from beneath.
Luckily nothing had happened, I was still falling.
Or so I thought.
At a closer inspection, I realized that everything stood still, the birds paralyzed in mid-flight, the leaves no longer drifting carelessly through the streets and me, in some kind of purgatory, trapped on this damned plane I had tried so hard to escape.
My mind raced, only partially trying to figure out what had happened, I was mainly busy with cursing the universe for yet again having gotten the last laugh with a cruel joke at my expense.
But before I even had the chance to begin my slew of insults, everything went black.