I am aware that this might be considered a literary cop-out, but I cannot possibly begin to explain what had appeared before me. It was some kind of ethereal monstrosity of unspeakable horror, yet mystically alluring. 

It possessed an incredible symmetry of form and, at the same time, could not be in any more physical discord.
This shapeshifting Incognito didn’t resemble anything at all, not even its colours could be explained, just the simplicity of this word offends the intricacy of lights and patterns that covered the everchanging surface of whatever it was that had appeared before me.
No matter how hard I try, I can never even begin to explain what I saw and so I shall spare you my feeble attempts and proceed to what actually matters.
I was, of course, taken aback by this most peculiar apparition, but my passion burned ever fierce and multiplied my courage thousandfold. And I demanded answers.

It’s needless to say that my eloquence, along with my shortlived dauntlessness, faded the more my gaze was left upon this thing.
Even so, I had managed to capture its attention, or maybe it had observed me all along?
Whichever the case, the thing stirred and all of a sudden, openings started appearing along its body. They were eyes.
Or what I can only interpret as such, as they closely resembled having teeth and were as black as space, a hue that one could only very slightly differentiate from the rest of its dark figure.

It was strange, because as it did this, I regained control over my mind and tranquility washed away my fear.

It must have telepathic powers, it has to be sentient.
  “Who are you? Why are you showing me this? Am I dead?”

It didn’t move.

  “Do you understand me?” I asked, not really expecting a response.
Just as I had suspected; silence.



Ok, so I’m not getting any answers from him, so no way to figure out where I am or why I’ve been sent here, not that I really care, that would probably be too much for me to handle at the moment.
Now on to the main question: Am I alive?

Ok let’s go over this methodically, no reason to panick.
Breathing? Check.

Heartbeat? Check.
Human body temperature? Check.


I think that might be all of them, I can’t really remember anything else to look for……. I still have a head, I didn’t sustain any bruising, burning or any other visible injuries of any sort…
I bit my finger.
Blood? Check
Pain? Definitely check.

Ok, so I’m alive…..


And then it hit me. I had just witnessed ages worth of knowledge, so many mysteries left uncovered, just waiting for me to uncover them! I could recreate the antediluvian animals using the demonic technology! I could unearth timeless wisdom that is of vital importance for our civilization, I could improve humanity! I can reroute our crashcourse!
  “PLEASE! You must let me return to my home!” , I yelled at the creature,
  “I shall mend my species’ mistakes! I shall ensure that nothing else is lost!”

It stared at me.

I tried to charge at it, attempting to incite some kind of reaction, anything to show me I wasn’t going to spend my eternity trapped in this twilight zone, anything at all.

It evaded my attack with incredible ease, as if I had not even moved, as if it was out of my range all along.
Even though I hadn’t hit it, I managed to make it stirr.

It looked at me with its thousand eyes.
And darkness consumed me.