Screams and shouting woke me up.

A pungent stench of urin mixed with sweat and saltwater stunned me momentarily, but before I had the chance to take in my surroundings and figure out what was happening, an unkempt man shouted something incomprehensible at me and handed me a musket. I instinctively followed him outside and a new scent overpowered all others: that of gunpowder.

Amidst the billowing mass of acrid smoke, which slowly filled my lungs, I could discern several figures firing at each other. Ones were an unruly lot, dishevelled and bloodthirsty, while the others wore blue coats and assumed a more tactical formation, signalling prior military training. The man that had handed me the firearm belonged to the latter and so did I.
I quickly took cover behind a couple of barrels and began firing at the invaders, who, I assumed had to be pirates.

Every now and again I took a couple seconds, while reloading, to observe the ship I was on.
It seemed to be a galleon, with another one, battered and bruised, out of which dozens of raiders poured, by its side

As the battle raged on, the tides turned and they started gaining the upper hand on acocunt of their sheer numerical advantage.
I quickly found myself to be the last man standing; with the buccaneers quickly approaching my barrels. I knew that it was all over, so I decided not to put up a fight, but rather come out of my hiding place and let them slit my throat without making too much of a mess, I didn’t really want to be a hassle.

But instead of being stabbed or shot, I was knocked out and tied up.
As I came to my senses, I could hear the captain:
  “We’ll dismember him in the morning, for tonight we feast on the spoils of war!”

Dismember me? Why not just kill me? Why the effort?
  “Heh, when we drop this rat at the shore, people will learn to fear us. They’ll be too scared to ever come near our ship again and we’ll reign unbeatable across the seven seas!”, a dirty bearded man sneered to another.
So that was it, I was to be a warning to all that oppose these brigands and this was to be my last night with my limbs….
I needed a plan.